Welcome to the website www.lace.cz, which I dedicated to the bobbin lace!

On these pages you can view around 4,000 photos that I have accumulated in the past few years.

Short about me…

... I come from Vamberk (Czech Republic), I was born in 1973 and I studied at the University of Pardubice (Institute for Languages ​​and Humanities). After a short "career" as a teacher and a maternity break, I started working as a proofreader and later as a translator.

I started making lace in 5th class, around 1983. My mother, Jaroslava Jedlinská, who spent most of her professional life as a homeworker for the Vamberecká krajka Vamberk production cooperative, and my aunt Vlasta Novotná, who was a bobbin lace teacher, taught me. I also attended the Lace school in Vamberk for four years (with the teachers Anežka Bartáková and Vilma Murčová). When I was at high school I didn't make lace, but I started again when I was at university. That was shortly after the Revolution, the Production cooperative got into trouble, almost all lace makers were fired, and my mother also had to find her own way. The only way to do this at all was to involve the whole family  and my job was (among other things) to draw and design.

I've always been creative, so this job suited me very well. Over time, everything has changed a lot, especially with the ever-improving technologies, the opportunity to travel, meet new people and learn more, and the opportunity to present own creations. On these pages you can follow what I have achieved over the years J.

Dana Mihulková
January 9, 2020